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Our Philosophy

Woollahra Health and Beauty looks upon your health and well being through holistic eyes.  We appreciate that looking and feeling your best helps you to be the best that you can be.  Employing the latest advances in non-surgical and surgical procedures, with precise assessment and refined technique, we instil our patients with an inner confidence and a peace of mind.

Our team of Specialist Clinicians comprises Doctors, Surgeons, a Nurse Injector and Beauty Therapist. Our skill places you in the safest of hands. We pride ourselves on our caring administrative staff and our beautiful premises.  Our focus encompasses all things health and beauty. We offer a range of non-surgical skin care procedures and treatments including facials, massage, anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers; women’s health care including specialist gynaecology services with pregnancy and IVF advice, and; complex plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts, breast surgeries and full body lifts.

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Our philosophy at Woollahra Health and Beauty Clinic stems from our understanding of your health and wellness. We share your journey in achieving your optimal health and beauty goals. Many patients struggle to pinpoint the source of dissatisfaction with their health and beauty. Intently listening, understanding the problem, planning and offering solutions is paramount in terms of achieving the your best possible outcomes.

At Woollahra Health & Beauty we pride ourselves on providing the best for you in every single consultation and treatment you receive from our team of Specialists.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Woolahra Health and Beauty!

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The team here at Woollahra Health and Beauty would like to advise you that this site contains adult content. Dr James Southwell-Keely is FRACS qualified and a member of ASPS. If you would like to see him, please obtain a referral from your GP. All website imagery is patient specific. Results of plastic surgery vary from patient to patient.